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Smart Traffic Management


Using centrally controlled data, sensors and adaptive dynamic control to increase safety and traffic flow and manage parking, creating efficiencies and cost savings and reducing pollution.

  • Curbside Management/Smart Parking/Dynamic Parking: Use of smart phone technology allows for an increase in available on-street parking spaces with apps linked to kiosks/meters. Helps reduce time spent finding parking spots, reducing traffic and congestion.

  • Advanced Transportation & Congestion Management:  The development of model deployment sites for large scale installation and operation of advanced transportation technologies to improve safety, efficiency, system performance, and infrastructure return on investment.

  • Mobility on Demand (MoD): Use of technology to make people's transportation journeys more efficient and complete, from payment to trip data and trip routing.

Peer Smart Community Projects


Kansas City, MO: Smart City (2015) - Urban core infrastructure improvements within a "Green Impact Zone."

Las Vegas, NV: Smart Curbside Management Corridor (2018) - Curbside digital kiosks utilize video analytics and smart parking technology to better manage active curb loading zones for taxis and rideshares.

Buffalo-Niagara Region: NITTEC (2018) - Grant proposal to improve vehicle to infrastructure applications, create a real-time parking application, create a data platform with interactive traffic signals, roll out a real-time incident management system and a real-time weather advisory and dissemination system. 

King County, WA: Seattle Sandbox Program (2017) - A Mobility-on-Demand (MOD) tool creates an on-demand system that takes passengers heading in the same direction and books them in the same shared vehicle. This is especially targeted to workers traveling to and from park-and-rides of the fixed transit line as a means of first/last mile travel. The project serves as an example of private-public partnership to implement new mobility options, policies and promotion.

Rochester, MN: ParkMobile (2018) - Free app for download on Apple and Android devices with ability to pay online for specific parking zones. Among other conveniences, users are alerted when purchased time is about to expire.

Boston, MA: Park Boston App (2015) - App utilizes smart phone technology to provide parking payment options, notifications and the ability to extend meter time. Flexible meter pricing and a real-time pricing map balances out where people choose to park. 

Focus Group Meetings 
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Key Concepts
In November and December 2021, the CDTC Smart Mobility Team held three focus groups with local government officials, staff and representatives from regional transportation organizations. The discussions focused on learning about the challenges of adopting emerging technologies, managing big data, integrating new technologies into existing organizations and bureaucracies, and other real and perceived limits on implementing Smart Cities projects. View the rebroadcast of the focus group on traffic and parking management below. Other focus groups may be viewed here

Key Takeaways Across Focus Group Sessions

Session #1:
Traffic & Parking Management

This focus group session covered traffic safety, incident management, regional traffic operations, and parking and curb management. 

PPT Presentation on Traffic and Parking Management