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Connected, Autonomous, & Electric Vehicles


Smarter, safer, greener vehicles. The powerful capabilities of these vehicles enable them to provide a range of beneficial services including mobility, traffic control, sensing and energy management.  

Key Concepts
  • Autonomous Vehicles:  An autonomous vehicle is capable of sensing its environment and operating without any human involvement or human passengers. 

  • Connected Vehicles: Connected vehicles can "talk" to traffic signals, creating safer intersections. 

  • Electric Vehicle Charging: Public EV charging stations innovations include bi-directional charging, minimizing strain on a community's energy loads, and wireless, mobile and ultra-fast EV charging.
Focus Group Meetings
In November and December 2021, the CDTC Smart Mobility Team held three focus groups with local government officials, staff and representatives from regional transportation organizations. The discussions focused on learning about the challenges of adopting emerging technologies, managing big data, integrating new technologies into existing organizations and bureaucracies, and other real and perceived limits on implementing Smart Cities projects. View the rebroadcast of the focus group on connected, autonomous and electric vehicles below. Other focus groups may be viewed here
Key Takeaways Across Focus Group Sessions
Session #3:
Energy/Infrastructure and Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles 
This focus group session covered transportation system electrification and automation – including private vehicles, shared vehicles, and transit. It will also include infrastructure that may be required to support the safe operation of these vehicle types.
PPT Presentation on C/AV and EV