About Smart Mobility

CDTC's New Visions 2050 regional transportation plan commits to building a 21st Century transportation system for the Capital Region. This means the strategic deployment of technology or innovative solutions to address congestion, safety, mobility, and fiscal sustainability of maintaining the region’s network of roads, bridges, transit facilities, trails, sidewalks, and other transportation infrastructure.


The Smart Mobility Toolbox will serve as a guide for implementing Smart Community projects in the Capital Region. It will identify common interests and opportunities in the region for introducing technology. 

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The Capital Region is comprised of eight counties, four of which, Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga (excluding Moreau and South Glens Falls), and Schenectady, comprise the CDTC. The integration of Smart City solutions will facilitate a more efficient transportation future. Smart transportation solutions have been explored locally in recent years and approaches have been adopted in Schenectady and Saratoga Springs. A review of local plans and studies reveals that common transportation barriers and concerns include:


  • Connectivity across and within municipalities

  • Perception of limited parking

  • Inadequate electric vehicle infrastructure

  • Education/resources to deploy smart transportation systems

  • Access to mobility choices

  • Limitations of fixed route transit


Addressing these issues and understanding the resources of municipalities, agencies, and organizations within the CDTC service area is pivotal to finding appropriate smart transportation solutions for the region. These solutions were informed by the New Visions 2050 planning and investment principles, which include:  


  • Invest in a Quality Region

  • Support economic development

  • Make investments regionally equitable

  • Preserve and manage the transportation system

  • Maintain travel reliability

  • Invest in safety

  • Invest in security

  • Invest in Complete Streets

  • Encourage bicycle and pedestrian travel

  • Move freight efficiently

  • Invest in transit

  • Provide essential mobility for all

  • Prioritize affordable and convenient travel options

  • Preserve the environment

  • Leverage technology

These principles are supportive of regional transportation but also are being furthered by smart community investments and planning within the Capital Region. In recent years the CDTC and local governments have increased the focus on smart solutions to address transit, transportation operations and general urban issues.


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The Smart Mobility Project Team


The Smart Mobility Toolbox Project is a CDTC initiative, supported by a consulting team lead by WSP USA, Inc. As project lead, WSP will document existing smart communities’ programs in the Capital Region, research programs in other communities around the United States, and based on this information will create a set of features to include in the Smart Communities Toolbox. Extensive engagement with the community and stakeholders will assure that the toolbox is useful for local communities. River Street Planning and Development, a planning firm out of Troy, NY, will assist WSP with community engagement including SAC engagement activities, stakeholder input through a series of focus group discussions and planning for public input at community workshops.  Members of the existing CDTC Regional Operations and Safety Advisory Committee (ROSAC) are acting as the Study Advisory Committee (SAC) on the Smart Mobility Toolbox Project.